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Data Analysis

Data analysis is important in a business to understand the problems facing your organization and to use data to solve it. Of course your data is just a number if it is not analyzed. Data analysis involves an in-depth understanding of not just your data, but also the context in which it was collected. The idea of data analysis is to make sense of the data that you have, to analyze it and use the insights gained to make better business decisions. Data analysis involves the extraction of patterns from the data, figuring out the trends and exploiting the useful information obtained from the data.

Data analysis can be used in the following ways:

1. Predict customers trends and behaviours:

Customers buying trends, their behavior can all be analysed using the data collected. Data about the customer's previous purchases, popular opinionated products, their liking, products brought together, etc. can be collected. Data analyse can be done, insights can be gathered, change in customers’ buying trends or behavioral trends can be extracted and customers’ future trends can be predicted.

2. Increase business productivity:

Data about a company’s internal organisation can be collected. Data can not only be used to analyse the external factors to an organisation. Data analysis can be done to analyse business internally. This data analysis brings insight to the employees’ performance, their improvement, and also to improve business.

3. Market understanding:

Data analyse about the market is very useful to your organisation. Market trends, changing market behaviour, etc. can be found if data is analysed properly. Based on these understanding of market, your organisation can take decisions. Data analysis can also help you with market segmentation, targeting your prospective customers and positioning of your products or services.

4. New products/Services:

With the power of data analyse, the needs and satisfaction of the customers can be found out. The need gap can be fulfilled with your new products or services. Before launching a new products or a service, it is important to know who will be the prospective customers and how well your products will be received. Data analysis will help your launching of products or services easier.

5. Industry knowledge:

Data analysis will show you how the industry that you are in is operating currently. Data analysis will also help you predict the industry situation and how to run your business in the near future. This also helps you comprehend the economic situation for business expansion. This not only opens up new avenues for business, but also will help build a good ecosystem surrounding your brand.

6. Finding opportunities:

Even though being in tune with the industry and the ecosystem is important, the company also looks for making profits. Data analyse will help in finding out the opportunity that will enable profit making. Data analysis is mandatory to enable better understanding of external and internal environment. We at Jazaa have experts in the field who will make this happen for your business. Come grab this opportunity which will enable you to run your business with all the information and insights that you will need.

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