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Financial Hacks For New Entrepreneurs

Financial Hacks For New Entrepreneurs

Setting up a business is not easy. Some entrepreneurs start their company without due dedication and proper preparation & planning. Most people just don’t know how to run business and manage money.


Few financial hacks that new entrepreneurs can find handy are:

1. Outsource whenever you can

2. Taxation

3. Online Tools

4. Separate Personal and corporate Accounts

5. Be Alert with your Equity


1. Outsource when you can

There are so many processes involved in starting and running a company. Some entrepreneurs believe that creating a team early on is good thing. However, this is usually expensive because employees are usually the biggest cost for a company. They need an office, wages, allowances, salaries, and taxes. Instead of hiring employees, a useful financial hack is outsourcing when you can. You can use websites like Upwork and Fiverr to find affordable employees to do few things such as website design, content marketing and graphic design.  This will save you a lot of money.


2. Taxation

Corporate taxes are usually big costs for businesses. As new company and entrepreneur, you need to ensure that your business is paying as little taxes as possible as taxes are expenses that can add up in time. Depending on the nature of your company, its possible to lower the taxes by registering it offshore. Consulting with a corporate service company can help you come up with good taxation strategy.


3. Online Tools

As a new Company and as a new Entrepreneur, it is important for you to use less expensive tools to manage your finances. In earlier days, entrepreneurs and company used physical documents to track cash whatever coming in and out. Nowadays new techniques have come for this. Companies use simple online tools to manage their payments. Like QuickBooks, Zoho Books and FreshBooks For example, instead of buying and installing storage servers, we can use cloud computing tools like Dropbox and Box. We can also use tools like salesforce and Zendesk to communicate with employees. All these tools come with the free trails and free package.


4. Separate Personal and corporate Accounts

You should open a company account as soon as you registered your company. Doing this will help we track expenses and manage your company’s income better. It will also help you when it comes to paying taxes.


5. Be Alert with your Equity

As an entrepreneur, you need to be alert with equity. If you have great ideas about investment, you can raise money from investors. If they believe in your ideas, these investors may decide to offer you more money to take more equity.


Some other Financial tips for Entrepreneurs


Define the Legalities

The First step towards achieving a separate status between our personal and company finance is to register our business as a legal entity.


Plan for Growth

For growth of your organization you expand your business, launch a new product, or purchase new equipment. So, if you are reluctant to go to a bank for a loan, due to lengthy procedures and low success rates, you can consider the options for alternative financing. These are the ideal solution for several entrepreneurs, as you can choose the repayment terms that suit you best.


Keep Close eyes on cash flow

Once you start earning money, monitoring your cash flow is an absolute must. Its not just about keeping track of your accounts receivable and accounts payable, but a good cash flow strategy is critical when planning for growth and expansion.


Track and monitor all spending

You may hire an accounting professional and use accounting software to keep your finances well-organized. When everything is up to date then it will be easier. Tracking and monitoring of expenses will enable you to minimize & have a check on wastage and on unnecessary spending.


Starting a business gives a ‘self-satisfying’ feel to the entrepreneur but the real challenge begins with the beginning of the business. Above mentioned hacks will help you keep your personal and business finances in moving and healthy mode.

With good financial hygiene, you’ll have more time to do what you love, while your company will be able to grow and flourish. You’ll also be more organized and less likely to be overwhelmed by tax season. Most importantly, you will have peace in knowing that your personal assets are secure against liability.

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