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Importance Of A Pitch Deck / Investor Presentation / Business Plan

Importance Of A Pitch Deck / Investor Presentation / Business Plan

The nature of investor deck is ever-evolving, it has seen significant changes over the span of last 25 years. Some 20 odd years ago, Ernst & Young proposed startups to use a deck with 10-12 slides. This was a standard industry practice before the dot com boom and burst. In the current scenario all the content is required and there is a new trend of putting more content if required in form of Q&A section or the FAQ section.

Generally a Proper investor deck should contain the following things:

1. Team 2. Company Purpose 3. Problem 4. Solution 5. Opportunity 6. Market Size 7. Business Model 8. Customer Acquisition Funnel 9. Traction 10. Financials 11. Appendix Your business plan should clearly communicate your Market potential, Value proposition, most importantly your offering(Product)

Market Potential:

This will be a summary of the market that you have access to. It will also have in-depth plans about how much market share you as a company will be able to capture and hence to the investors and shareholders that you have a short at something big. It’s always advisable to have a comparison of your offering against what is happening in India. After Showcasing the potential you should clearly state how much opportunity and where does it lie


This will be where you sing praises about how financially strong your Business Plan is. You will talk about what the product is?, how will it impact the industry. And lastly how this plan can be scaled?. Scaling in our opinion is where investors see the actual opportunity to grow and make more money, but having said that the low hanging fruits should also be mentioned.


By offering we mean your product or service. Here you will mention in depth about what you product is? Who is it for? And how much will it cost? In depth qualitative analysis of the product and the industry helps in coming up with best ways to describe the benefits of the product. Needless to say the whole narrative should be the one where your product is solving a problem for the customer.

How many variations of a Pitch Deck do I need?

A good design can help boost the energy of your presentation. But having said that you should constantly make changes based on the demographics of the audience. You will require multiple versions of the deck for • First touch point email to an investor • Live presentations • A pitch contest with stipulated time limit • A meeting with potential partner • An open audience presentation • Presentation to the VC’s office You don’t have to worry about making all these variations to your Startup Business Plan just sign up with Jazza Financial Advisory and let us take care of it for you. Read Our Related Blog: How to make an engaging investor presentation or pitch deck
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