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The Critical Role Of A Pitch Deck & How It Helps Make Your Investor Pitch Successful

The Critical Role Of A Pitch Deck & How It Helps Make Your Investor Pitch Successful

It is a well-known fact that more than half of the human brain is engaged in processing information in visual form. For startups, their USP is their product/ service. But in order to impress the investors with a charismatic presentation, captivating visuals are required in the pitch deck. A pitch deck is the most PowerPoint Presentation for your startup which is essential for explaining your product to VCs and angel investors for fundraising. It is a critical component of any business meeting and discussions.

So these are the 6 points that your startup should consider while preparing a winning pitch deck:

1. Keep it concrete at the start:

The first impression is the last impression in front of the investors. It is the best chance for your business to drum up your audience’s interest in your business. These 2 slides should be the high intensity summary slides covering the highlights of your business idea.

2. Present the problem and your solution to it:

Present the problem that you are solving and the solution for it in the pitch deck. You must focus on that pain points by providing real world examples. Clearly explain what you are trying to do, which problem you are solving and why. The objective of these 2 slides is that the audience should have a fair idea of what your business is all about.

3. Explain your product offering:

After highlighting the problems faced by your target group, provide a comprehensive solution for the problem in the pitch. Point out the gaps you are filling, why is your solution or the product different from others existing in the market. You should cover every aspect of your product so that there is no confusion about the product in your target group’s minds.

4. Marketing strategies you will adopt:

By this time, you would have made a lasting impression of your product and your business model. But a good product needs good marketing. You should be clear in your marketing strategies like how are you planning to enter the market, how will it capture the market share etc.

5. Financials:

Anyone can present a great idea and great marketing plan, but to catch the eye of the investors, it should be economically feasible and profitable idea. If you have already started, present your financials. It is a good idea to present the size of your market in which you are aiming to get into.Project your growth of revenue, customer base for the next few years. Show the market trends and your growth vis-à-vis.

6. Team Matters:

Perhaps the most important is your team. Investors invest not only in the idea, but the team of competent people who are working to make that idea successful. Investors are interest in knowing who the people they are investing in. Hence,you should end the pitch deck with providing relevant information like their expertise, skills, industry experience, past achievements and elaborate it during the presentation.

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