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How Is AI Powering Accounting & Bookkeeping In Business

Slowly but surely, AI is permeating all aspects of our lives let alone the business industry. In this blog, we will touch upon some aspects of AI-powered accounting and bookkeeping services. AI, if deployed wisely, is a powerful tool that can both save time and speed up these services.

The most obvious advantage of AI is that it can automate mundane and time-consuming tasks like data entry and bookkeeping, thereby allowing accountants to focus on other value-added services. AI is best used to automate repetitive tasks like uploading files, payroll, auditing, etc. With newer tools that can process copious amounts of data with speed and accuracy, it has become very smooth to identify trends and patterns together with any discrepancies and errors in financial statements and other documents.

As AI-based tools become more sophisticated, accountants will be able to provide more robust actionable insights to clients using predictive analytics. This can help businesses to make more informed decisions and improve their bottom line. AI cannot replace the human touch of understanding the client’s needs and designing a roadmap for the clients to achieve their financial goals. Thus, proving AI is best balanced with human intelligence.

Another area where AI is proving to be useful is compliance processes. AI-based compliance solutions can help businesses meet their regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of legalities.

There is no denying that AI has taken a front seat and is here to stay. A case in point is Zeni, that raised $13.5M to automate bookkeeping with AI. It is imperative to embrace the power of AI for your business so that you are not left behind the curve. Instead of worrying about, AI-powered technology making employees obsolete, it is wiser to use it to augment the productivity of your employees and train your employees in AI and data management. It is better to set skepticism aside and embrace AI’s power as an engine of growth for your business.

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