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How Is AI Powering Accounting & Bookkeeping In Business

Slowly but surely, AI is permeating all aspects of our lives let alone the business industry. In this blog, we will touch upon some aspects of AI-powered accounting and bookkeeping services. AI, if deployed wisely, is a powerful tool that…

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Why Is Outsourced CFO Service A Perfect Fit For Startups?

Outsourced CFO services refer to financial management and strategic advice provided by a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to a company on a part-time or project basis. Rather than hiring a full-time CFO, a company can outsource these services to a…

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What Makes UAE A Global Business Magnet?

What is driving the global entrepreneurial phenomenon in the UAE, and what are the key factors strengthening UAE’s appeal as a global commercial hub? Interestingly, UAE outperformed the Netherlands and Finland in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring Report 2022 cementing its…

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How to Scale Up Your Small Business

Growing your small business is the next step once you have firmly established your presence in the market. Your scale-up journey depends on how well you can grow your profits. For your business to be successful all aspects of your…

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Why Do Start-ups Fail?

Tom Eisenmann in his book “Why Start-ups fail?” identifies recurring patterns as to why almost two-thirds of start-ups come to nothing. Many venture capitalists simplify the problem by either blaming the opportunities that the start-ups are targeting or the lack…

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Role Of Technology In Start-ups

Technology has permeated the global business ecosystem and how! Evolving from being a driver of growth to an enabler, new technological advancements are transforming the business landscape. This technological transformation is most visible in the start-up ecosystem, with India being…

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How Can Small Businesses Survive The Threat of Cyber Attacks

One of the biggest pitfalls of an increasingly digital and connected world is the vulnerability of exposure to cyber-attacks. Reports of cyber attacks or security breaches are becoming all too frequent. The financial burden of these attacks can be understood…

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Significance Of Term Sheets For Founders

As more and more start-ups come into play, it is imperative for the entrepreneurs to understand the significance of negotiating the deal terms with an investor. Here, one cannot highlight the importance of the document governing the terms of the…

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Role Of Social Media In An Organization’s Growth

Social media has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives-providing a platform to connect, express our opinions, networking, conducting business etc. With over 3.7 billion active social media users worldwide, it is an opportunity for businesses to build brand…

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From Start-up To Stability And Growth

Once your business has started generating consistent revenues with a regular intake of new customers, you can safely assume that you have moved into the Stability Phase from the Start-up Phase. With the teething problems over and a steady cash…

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