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Getting CFO Services Can Transform Your Business

Getting CFO Services Can Transform Your Business

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can give the much-needed positive thrust your company needs in terms of financial understanding. He brings vast practical strategic and financial skills and knowledge to your company. A CFO helps you to clarify, analyze the problems and then achieve the objectives for your business. It simply implies that taking a CFO’s service can help you achieve improved results in lesser time.

Start-ups or small firms might not want, need or have the budget for a fulltime CFO. But you can always opt for services of an experienced part-time CFO who has the highest caliber with years of experience for less than what it costs to employ even a full-time employee. You can engage a part-time CFO on an ongoing basis or only as and when the need arises.

The CFO takes their financial expertise and channels it into a strategic leadership role to create financial success for the company and its stakeholders.He provides you with the strategic and financial guidance your company needs to overcome your immediate challenges (such as a cash flow crisis or an impending VAT bill) and also builds a strong foundation for future growth so that you can achieve all your business goals with ease and enjoy the success you deserve.

A part-time CFO helps you get an overview of your company by analyzing scattered data and helping you in making sound decisions about its future. Their responsibilities include data analysis, budgeting and forecasting, financial analysis, financial planning and compliance issues.

There has been an expansion of role and responsibilities of a CFO driven by complexity of globalized capital, regulatory drivers and growth in information technology. It has transformed from transactional to value-adding role, now he acts as a strategist and a catalyst.

What a part-time CFO does for you:

  1. Generates a realistic business plan felicitating better financial decision.
  2. Comprehends your company’s finances.
  3. Works cash flow issues.
  4. Identifies cost-saving areas within your company and develops a plan for it.
  5. Helps in improving profits.
  6. Manages finances with ease.
  7. Develops clear strategic goals.
  8. Identifies your KPAs and KPIs.
  9. Develops funding sources.
  10. Works extensively on your main profit drivers.
  11. Sort out your tax position.
  12. Introduce timely easy to follow management reports.
  13. Felicitates expansion of your company and builds value

You are in dire need of CFO services if you want to scale up your business fast but lack the necessary financial skills. CFO services may be needed:

  1. During fund raising to asses funds requirement and its appropriate uses
  2. During rapid growth
  3. To develop new products, markets, or offerings
  4. For M&A, outside investors or debt facilitation
  5. When profitability is not at a desirable level, and you don’t know why
  6. As tax planning has become complex

He will pinpoint where the blockages are in your business so that he can create a robust plan which enables him to resolve immediate issues as well as build a stable foundation for future growth. He will work with you to improve best practice cash management, forecasting and to manage cash flow for growth and/or survival. He will implement a plan for risk management. He plays a key role in keeping the business funded.

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