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Financial Forecasting – A Useful Guide To Understand Forecasts Of Finance

What is Financial Forecasting ? A financial forecasting is the process of identifying trends with the help historical data and previous reports to projects those trends to provide information to decision-makers about the company's financial position. Although entrepreneurs find financial…

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Getting CFO Services Can Transform Your Business

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can give the much-needed positive thrust your company needs in terms of financial understanding. He brings vast practical strategic and financial skills and knowledge to your company. A CFO helps you to clarify, analyze the…

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The Role Of Finance In Strategic Planning And Decision Making Process

Any individual or company must know where or who they are, the place they need to be, and how to arrive there. The decision-making process and strategic planning use investigative models that give a reasonable image of the individual, partnership,…

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Difference Between Budgeting And Financial Forecasting

The two tools that the companies use to establish their plans for the company are budgeting and financial forecasting. Often these two terms are used together but are two different concepts -Budgeting quantifies the expectation of revenues whereas forecasting estimates…

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Why Every Independent Company Should Have A Development Plan?

So what is a development plan? To put it simply, a development plan is considered as an outline for your business. Just as it is not feasible to start a business without a business plan, a development plan is necessary…

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Accountants v/s Bookkeepers

Most people are hard-pressed to differentiate between bookkeeping and accounting, especially those who come from a non-commerce background. Many times, accountants are juxtaposed with bookkeepers, whereas ideally the bookkeepers' work is the first step in the whole accounting process. Bookkeepers…

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Accounts and Records Under GST

1. Accounts and Other Records Every registered person is required to keep and maintain all records at his principal place of business. Who must maintain accounts under GST? It is the responsibility of the following persons to maintain specified records-…

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Well, What’s A Business Without A Plan?

Simply put, a business plan is a guide or a road map for your business that outlines goals and details on how to achieve the goals. At its heart, a business plan is just a plan for how your business…

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Headache About GST? No More Worries!!

For every person or company, if the aggregate turnover is Rs 20 lakhs or more shall be required to obtain registration. Application should be filed for grant of registration for GST. Certificate of registration will be received along with GSTian…

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Strategy To Market Success: Avenues And Platforms Galore

Marketing plan, strategy and organization to fuel your business plan Marketing strategy is a long-term, forward-looking approach to planning with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. Sometimes marketing strategy is confused with a marketing plan, but they…

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